KSS trainee captains Great Britain’s medical football team to be back-to-back World Medical Football Champions 

We would like to congratulate Dr Jamie Thoroughgood, KSS medical trainee, for his success in captaining Great Britain’s medical football team in Mexico this summer. This year’s success makes Great Britain back-to-back World Medical Football Champions, following their previous success in Prague in 2018.

Jamie describes himself as a caring and approachable person who always embraces opportunities. His interest in science was sparked whilst attending Whitgift Secondary School in South Croydon – where he also became a football scholar. After spending a day with a friend’s mum, who was a doctor at St Helier Hospital, his passion for medicine was ignited.

Jamie said: “I just never looked back after this experience, I became so passionate and determined to help people who allowed you into their lives when they are at their most vulnerable”.

Jamie then pursued an undergraduate degree in Medicine at Southampton Medical School and decided to continue his postgraduate training in London and KSS as a foundation doctor and subsequently as a core medical trainee, as it was well known for career opportunities. It was also close to his family and friends.

Now a Speciality Doctor in Rheumatology at East Surrey hospital, Jamie facilitates clinics across Crawley, Horsham, and Surrey and supports patients with chronic diseases throughout their life-course to enable them to have a fulfilling quality of life. As well as working a 40 to 50 hour week, Jamie finds the time to ensure he can attend monthly training commitments (hosted across the nation) for the GB squad and plays semi-professional football at AFC Croydon Athletic. This often involves swapping on-call shifts with colleagues.

Jamie says his continued involvement in football has led to endless benefits, including networking with other medical colleagues who play in the GB team, an improvement in his leadership skills and capabilities (which translate into his clinical work), traveling, and improvements to his wellbeing.

Jamie encourages all healthcare professionals to find the time to do something for their wellbeing and advises that if trainees are feeling lonely, they should seek opportunities to socialise with others, and not to feel embarrassed to talk to their supervisor or postgraduate team.

If you would like to find out more about the GB medical football team visit their website here or Twitter page here.