The content of NHS appraisal is based on the GMC’s core headings set out in Good Medical Practice 2013. It is a formative and developmental process which gives GPs feedback on their performance to enable them to understand their learning needs.

Appraisal  provides a regular, structured system for recording progress towards revalidation and identifying development needs which will support individual GPs in achieving revalidation. The GMC have stated that full participation in annual appraisal in a managed environment is a powerful indicator of a doctors’ current fitness to practice.    

Appraisal enables GPs to continuously improve the quality of their practice and helps with the early identification of doctors in difficulty, so that they can be offered appropriate support. GP appraisals are currently managed by NHS England Area Teams. Health Education England, working across Kent, Surrey & Sussex (HEE KSS) has contributed to the appraisal process through contributions to appraiser training and development.

Appraiser Development Centres (ADCs) and Appraiser Learning Sets ensure that all NHS Appraisers in the South East are well informed about current appraisal processes and the requirements of revalidation. ADCs also promote the development of necessary appraisal skills through simulation, feedback and sharing best practice.

New appraisers attend an Initial Training ADC after appointment and have additional support from senior appraisers as they start to appraise. Senior Appraisers support their colleagues and the Responsible Officer’s team and they attend their own ADC twice a year.

Information on future ADCs can be obtained from:

Dawn O’Grady via CPD  Tel: 01293 227123