ARCP & Revalidation

Revalidation for Specialty Doctors in Training in HEE KSS Managed Programmes

Revalidation is the General Medical Council’s new way of regulating licensed doctors to give extra confidence to patients that their doctors are up to date and fit to practice. It is likely that licensed doctors including doctors in foundation year two and specialty training will have to revalidate, usually every five years (currently under review by the GMC) and doctors in postgraduate training, will also revalidate when they receive their Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) or CEGPR.

HEE KSS is committed to enabling its doctors in postgraduate training to revalidate by providing as much information and support as possible and will provide them with regular updates.

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ARCP and Revalidation

The ARCP Outcome form is the primary vehicle for revalidation references for trainees, although if there has not been a recent ARCP then other references can be accepted.

The national process requires data in two parts to be collected for revalidation – information from GP Trainees and from the employer(s). The employer(s) will be supplying information to HEE KSS in order to inform the revalidation process through the ARCP. In the case of GP Trainees, where they have undertaken a placement in general practice (and thus been registered on the National Performers List), the Local Area Team will also be required to supply information to the GP School.

Annual Review of Competency Progression Panel

For full details of the ARCP process and a copy of the HEE KSS ARCP Quality Management Guidelines, see the resources section.

Completing Assessments – Important deadlines for completing Assessments and components of the MRCGP in preparation for ARCPs for trainees for 2017 are detailed in the documents – ASSESSMENT/REVIEW TIMELINES 2016/17 in the resources section. These have been tailored for each training year ST1/2/3.

The Enhanced Form R – All Doctors in Training are required to complete the Enhanced form R (Part B) for ARCP and revalidation purposes and the School is required to have this available in advance of the ARCP.  The Form R Part B must be completed by all doctors in training to ensure that the ‘trainee re-affirms his/her commitment to training and thereby remains registered for their training programme.

A Guidance to help Trainees complete the Enhanced Form R (Part B) is available in the resources section (Form R (Part B) Trainee Guidance).

GP Trainees should complete the electronic online Form R once it has been updated. This will be coming soon.If you have any queries, please contact:

Trainee Support

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