GP Induction & Refresher Scheme

Health Education England working across Kent, Surrey & Sussex (HEE KSS) General Practice Department values the Induction and Refresher scheme.

You are welcome to apply if you are an overseas GP, having never worked as a NHS GP, or coming back to general practice after a break. The application and assessment process is managed centrally through the national HEE website here,

If you live in or near Kent, Surrey and Sussex and would like to complete your GP placement within our footprint, HEE KSS wishes to support you. Once you have applied through the national website, our local office will receive your details.

This enables one of our senior educators, usually the Patch Associate Dean to contact you and arrange an interview to discuss your situation and educational requirements from the scheme. Additionally, at this stage, we will begin discussing your preferred geographical area for your GP placement.

There is no need for you to directly contact practices, but if you have had discussions with a particular practice, it is helpful to know this. Your preferences will be important in determining your placement. However the educator network is hosting a variety of learners, whose needs are also considered. The programme directors consider best how to distribute the learners throughout the network and make best use of the local capacity. For this reason, there is no guarantee that you can be placed in a specific practice.

As soon as you have completed your assessments to commence the I and R scheme, we will be liaising with you and potential training practices to find you a suitable post. Please respond to emails from the local team promptly.

Once you are in your placement, there will be educational activities within your practice and the local postgraduate centre. Further information about local education events can be obtained from the GP tutors, whose details are on this website. Additionally the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) run protected learning events in most areas, which you may want to attend. All areas have learner sets for sessional GPs, which are helpful for continuing your professional development. HEEKSS runs two days each year for all sessional GPs, to which you are invited.

For more information on applying to the scheme in KSS please contact:

Dawn O’Grady | GP Workforce Development Manager

Tel: 01293 227123

Sadhana Brydie | HEE KSS Lead for GP Induction and Refresher scheme 

The GP Retention Scheme

The GP Retention Scheme was developed to allow doctors, who have personal reasons for wishing to undertake a lesser amount of clinical work, to keep in touch with General Practice and retain their skills without having to work in a substantive post as a GP partner or salaried doctor. The scheme provides support to such doctors and offers an option to locum work.

The scheme is a combination of service commitment and continuing professional development.  A retainer doctor works in a practice approved by HEEKSS Department of Postgraduate GP Education.  The practice provides educational support and in recognition of this receives reimbursement in the form of a grant.