GP Specialty Training Curriculum

This page will provide guidance resources for GP Curriculum in Hospital Specialty Posts

The purpose of the guidance is to facilitate the integration of the GP Curriculum into the hospital based specialty posts that are part of GP Specialty Training Programmes. The learning objectives and assessment opportunities have been highlighted and mapped to the GP Curriculum. Hopefully this will clarify what is expected in each post for both GPStRs and clinical supervisors alike.

The guidance will also provide a starting point from which the GPStR and their supervisors can develop their own individual educational plan.

There are 2 sections, the first section is made up of handbooks for each of the specialties, the second is a self-assessment tool for GPStRs. The self-assessment tool allows GPStRs to rate their confidence against the knowledge base and learning outcomes from the GP curriculum for each specialty.

GP Specialty Training Curriculum Resources & Downloads: