GP Training with KSS

There are several reasons for choosing GP Training in KSS, the below demonstrates just a few.

Single Employment Contract – HEE KSS is pleased to announce that the majority of trainees starting in ST1 will have one employer throughout their training which will be the Acute Hospital Trust in a process called Single Employer Acute Trust arrangement (SEAT). This has many advantages including continuous employment, the ability to develop a relationship with an employer that has wide experience of employment Issues and a support structure should you require it and access to services such as Occupational Health. During placements in other Trusts and general practice trainees work supported by an honorary contract.

Medical Indemnity Package – HEE KSS GP School has organised a pre-purchased medical indemnity for all trainees under the SEAT arrangement and you will be invited to sign up for this package; this means that you will not need to fund this, as payment will be made direct by HEE KSS. 

Commissioning Placements – HEE KSS has also taken a very exciting initiative to provide an opportunity to experience the work of Clinical Commissioning Groups in order to be introduced to and start to develop the skills of medical management and leadership, skills which have been identified as very important for GPs in the future, as well as an understanding of the principles and processes that underlie the delivery of healthcare in the community. This is an innovative and unique educational development that the School is very pleased to support and has been evaluated very positively.

Courses for MRCGP – the GP School provides support at all levels for GP trainees in their final year who will be undertaking the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) of the MRCGP. In addition, the School invites all ST3 trainees to participate in an interactive ‘rehearsal’ for the CSA with CSA examiners. This allows you to practice skills, experience the process, and get live feedback on your performance.

Enhanced ST3 Year – Since 2013 the GP School has introduced opportunities for up to 18 GP trainees to undertake an Enhanced ST3 year with the aim of offering an opportunity to increase the breadth of learning opportunities: in particular how service design can improve patient care. Other possible opportunities include participation in educational activities linked to future development as an educator, leadership, and the sustainability agenda. It is hoped that this opportunity will be available to trainees in the future. Trainees learn about QIPP, and have the chance to lead meaningful change in their locality.

E-learning Support – HEE KSS has developed a number of e-learning modules to support GPStRs in their training. The modules currently include an Introduction to GP Training, several modules related to the MRCGP and workplace based assessments and an audit training module.  HEE KSS GPStRs will have free access to all these modules.

Medical-Legal / Ethical Education – HEE KSS has negotiated a range of educational resources to be made available by our supplier of Medical Indemnity to trainees. This includes workshops accessed by our GP Programme Directors on topics such as handling complaints and managing risk.