Medical Indemity

This page explains the medical indemnity arrangement for GP Trainees working across KSS.

Health Education England working across Kent, Surrey & Sussex (HEE KSS) has made arrangements to pre-purchase discretionary medical indemnity for all KSS GP trainees through individual membership of the Medical Defence Union (MDU); this is now open to all KSS GP trainees, including those not employed under SEAT arrangements.

The arrangement started on 2 August 2017 and is now renewable annually, provides trainees with:

  • Medical indemnity support during your General Practice placement. You can request assistance with indemnifying for claims that arise from the normal practice of clinical medicine for HEE KSS as a GP trainee during this period, on an unlimited basis
  • Medico-legal advisory support during your secondary care* and General Practice placements. You can request advice from MDU’s in house medico-legal advisors, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, for both your secondary care and General Practice placement activities during this period

*outside this arrangement trainees would normally fund this additional support for secondary care placements themselves.

  • Education support during your training. You can receive tailored face to face and on-line educational support from the MDU for your professional developmental needs in addition to that provided by your training programme

Details of the benefits available to you through membership of the MDU under this arrangement are shown in the member guide on

All trainees must have individual medical indemnity for their activities while in General Practice placement. If you opt for medical indemnity provided under the HEE KSS MDU indemnity arrangement this will be paid for by HEE KSS directly to the MDU on your behalf.

Medical indemnity for the clinical activities you undertake while in a secondary care NHS setting will automatically be provided under the Crown indemnity scheme. However, the HEE KSS has made arrangements with the MDU to provide an additional advisory service for trainees during the secondary care placements as detailed above, if it is required, as part of the arrangement.

How to opt for medical indemnity and support under the HEE KSS arrangement?

Those trainees who opted into this arrangement last year will be contacted direct by the MDU to extend their membership and do NOT need to complete the HEE KSS on-line form.

All other GP trainees MUST complete the on-line Medical Indemnity Arrangement form (including the details of any GP placement that you will have during this training year from 2 August 2017). The form must be signed in either section B (to opt in) or section C (to opt out).

What if you choose not to apply for medical indemnity under the HEE KSS arrangement?

If you choose to take out medical indemnity with an alternative provider, you MUST organise this before you commence your general practice placement and inform the HEE KSS by completing the on-line Medical Indemnity Arrangement form.  You will be responsible for paying for this indemnity. The HEE KSS may consider reimbursing a nominal amount towards this.

Should  you  have  any  further queries  about  this  matter  please  contact  the KSS  GP team via for further information.