Simulations & Simulators (SIMs)

What service do the Simulators from the GP Department offer?

Various Roles and Scenarios for your workshop

For example – CSA consulting for the MRCGP; Difficult GPR; GP Appraisal; Telephone or Practice Consulting; Trainer Days; Selection Assessment Centre Days; VTS Training; Patient Consultion; Clinical Supervisor

Our Simulators develop a portfolio of simulations for these roles, each one having a distinctive set of medical and personal characteristics appropriate to a range of workshops environments


Simulators treat all information regarding doctors and patients as confidential outside of the working environment of the simulation team. They also sign an annual ‘Declaration of Confidentiality’ in this respect


Simulators are capable of staying in role throughout the duration of the workshop. They are able to switch from being ‘active’ to ‘passive’ according to the requirements of both the session organisers and learners


Simulators remain uncontaminated by previous consultations or by assumptions about how the learner ought to treat them. Similarly, simulators remain uncontaminated by medical knowledge, which would be unknown to the patient


Simulators are trained to provide objective and consistent feedback to learners on their performance as required following feedback guidelines

Continuous Professional Development of the Simulators  

Simulators are required to attend regular performance review and training sessions which are designed to; develop their skills in the provision of objective and consistent feedback to learners; develop their skills in empathising and identifying with learner needs and responding appropriately and to facilitate an increasingly flexible portrayal of simulations in the range of workshop environments provided.

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To book Simulators and CSA Examiners for your Event / Workshop, please download, complete and return the booking form to:

Email: CPD

Post: GP Workforce Development Administrator, Crawley Hospital, 3rd Floor, Red Wing, West Green Drive, Crawley, RH11 7DH

Ellie Pickthall | GP Workforce Development Administrator | Tel: 01293 227147

Dr Mohan Kanagasundaram | Associate Dean for Simulation