Single Employer Acute Trusts

This page will provide you with information and resources on Lead Single Employer Acute Trusts (SEAT) for GP.


Following a consultation paper in December 2010, a pilot was carried out for GP trainees to have a Lead Single Employer from August 2011. Feedback received from the pilot was very positive for GP trainees, host organisations and the Lead Employers. The arrangement has continued to be developed over the years and the Lead Single Employer for GP Trainees is the local Acute Trust in the GP Training Programme area in which the GP trainee commences their training programme. Health Education England working across Kent, Surrey & Sussex (HEEKSS) and the Acute Trusts agreed a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Epsom and St Helier University NHS Trust joined the SEAT arrangement in December 2016.

View SEAT resources and contact details here

GP Trainees included in the Lead Single Employer Acute Trust process from August 2016:

  • All GP Trainees recruited to the KSS Training programmes since August 2011 are employed by the Lead Single Employer Acute Trusts except ST1/2 trainees on the Epsom GP Training Programme who joined in December 2016. All Trainees on the Broad Based Training Programme are also employed under the Single Employer arrangement.
  • *Trainees NOT employed under SEAT – there are a small number of GP Trainees who commenced training prior to August 2011 (who may have had a break in training or may be training less than full time) that are not employed by the Lead Employer. Therefore, these trainees will be employed by the organisation in which they are working. When these trainees are in a GP placement they will need to be employed by the GP Training Practice – Practice Managers/GP Trainers should clarify the employment status of each trainee in advance of them commencing in post.

SEAT Trainees will:

  • be employed by the Lead Employer (Local Acute Trust that is associated with the GP trainees training programme)
  • follow the employment policies of the Lead Employer
  • have their salary paid by the Lead Employer
  • claim any relevant travel expenses through the Lead Employer (which is signed off by their GP Trainer).
  • ST1 & ST2 trainees will claim all study leave reimbursements (including GP placement study leave) through the Lead Employer’s Medical Education Centre (approved by the GP Programme Director and signed off by the Clinical Tutor or Director of Medical Education).
  • ST3 trainees will claim their study leave reimbursements from the HEE KSS GP School until such time as the process is updated.
  • apply for removals expenses (if appropriate) from Health Education England, London (which under this process will cover GP trainees in a GP or hospital placement, as they are employees of the Acute Trust).

GP Practices as Host Organisations for SEAT employed trainees:

  • The Single Lead Employer will require all GP Training Practices, as host organisations, to sign a Service Level Agreement.

GP Trainers will need to complete the following documents when hosting a SEAT employed GP Trainee:

  • Joint Honorary, and Educational Contract for SEAT GP Trainees (available from the resources section on this page)
  • GP Trainer SLA for SEAT GP Trainees and invoice (available from the resources section on this page)

The GP Trainer grant will be paid following the authorisation of the completed/signed Trainer SLA and on receipt of an invoice from the practice. Where the GPStR is training less than full time, the GP trainer grant will be paid in full. Please note that where an overlap of trainees occurs, the Overlap policy applies (available from resources section on this page).