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Thank you for taking the time to view the training opportunities we have for Clinical Radiology and Nuclear Medicine in HEE KSS.

Clinical Radiology

HEE KSS offers a comprehensive training programme in Clinical Radiology, which aims to provide trainees with the full range of clinical and professional skills they will require as consultants. To this end, we have developed an integrated Clinical Radiology MSc programme in partnership with Brighton and Sussex Medical School combining clinical modules in Imaging Anatomy/Physics, Musculoskeletal /Neurological Imaging and Oncological Imaging with professional modules addressing topics such as research methodology, leadership, commissioning and education. The final dissertation at the end of the MSc course offers an opportunity to undertake a research project.

The KSS programme in Clinical Radiology is divided into three training schemes based in Surrey, Sussex and Kent. Sussex trainees are based within the county throughout their training. The Surrey and Kent schemes currently provide core training (ST1-ST3), with subspecialty training in years 4-5 undertaken either within KSS or in London Teaching Hospitals.   Access to London placements is competitive and depends on individual progress and training requirements.

Clinical Radiology is a five year run-through training programme with entry at ST1 level through the national recruitment programme. Core training covers the Royal College of Radiologists’ core curriculum through a series of subspecialty-based modules. ST4 trainees then choose one or two areas of subspecialty interest on which they will focus in their final two years of training.

Interventional Radiology (IR) is now a GMC-recognized subspecialty – trainees choosing this path undertake three years of core radiology training followed by a further three years of dedicated IR training, which can be undertaken in any of the three KSS training schemes.

Where can I train?

There are three rotations for core training (ST1-ST3) which are based in the three counties:


T&H Orange

Nuclear Medicine

The new GMC approved Nuclear Medicine curriculum allies the specialty closely with Clinical Radiology. Entry is at ST3 level following core medical training. ST3-5 years comprise 80% radiology and 20% nuclear medicine with completion of FRCR. ST6-8 then consists of 80% nuclear medicine and 20% radiology; leading to CCT in Nuclear Medicine with CESR (CP) in Clinical Radiology.

Where can I train?

Two new nuclear medicine rotations have been developed within KSS to deliver the new curriculum:

    • In the Sussex rotation, ST3-5 radiology training will be provided through the established Sussex radiology training scheme (see above). The 20% nuclear medicine component of the curriculum will be provided at Royal Sussex County Hospital (RSCH), Brighton. ST6-8 higher nuclear medicine training will be provided within the nuclear medicine department at RSCH in conjunction with the Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre at Brighton and Sussex Medical School where there is a fixed-site PET-CT scanner. The department offers the full range of nuclear medicine techniques and there are extensive opportunities for research.
    • In the Kent rotation, ST3-5 radiology training will be provided through the established Kent radiology training scheme (see above). The 20% nuclear medicine component of the curriculum will also be partly provided at Medway Hospital. ST6-8 higher nuclear medicine training will be provided by nuclear medicine departments at East Kent, Maidstone and Medway Hospitals. Rotations to RSCH will provide training in elements of the curriculum not fully covered in Kent, e.g. PET-CT, although it is anticipated that facilities within Kent will expand in the near future, thus enhancing higher training opportunities. 

Meet the Training Programme Directors

Dr Pippa Skippage MBChB MRCP FRCR PGDip, Consultant Radiologist

Pippa SkippageI completed my Undergraduate Training at the University of Manchester and worked in Hospital medicine for four years in  Chester and London to  obtain my MRCP within that time. I undertook my Radiology training on the St George’s Training Scheme in London and Surrey and passed my FRCR in 2007. I was appointed as a Consultant in 2010 subspecialising in Breast and Gynaecological Imaging.

I have always had an interest in training and education. I have held various roles including Clinical and Educational Supervisor, TPD and Interim Head of School for Radiology and am currently the Interim Clinical Tutor at Frimley Park Hospital.  To support my educational roles, I completed a PGDip in Education in Clinical Settings whilst supporting Radiology teaching for Medical Students, Foundation Doctors as well as leading the Radiology  Simulation within the Trust.

I have been with the School of Radiology in HEKSS since its inception and have therefore seen the way that the training schemes have changed and developed over time. I have always sought feedback from  trainees and ensured that they have a strong and continued presence at local and regional meetings to ensure that their voice is heard. I have made changes to the rotations and training scheme based on their feedback and strongly believe that this is the only way for a training scheme to succeed. This has been reflected in the most recent GMC survey results.

Dr Iain Morrison, Consultant Radiologist

Iain Morrison

I have been a Consultant Radiologist at Kent and Canterbury Hospital since 1995.  I trained in Medicine at St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School, and in Radiology at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. My clinical interests are in Urological and Abdominal Radiology, and also Musculoskeletal Radiology.

I am one of 8 National Leads in Quality Assurance for the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme, covering the South East Coast region, ensuring high standards in CT Colonography.  I have taken a lead in Radiology training for Registrars and Medical Students for many years, and I’m now Radiology Training Programme Director for Kent.

Dr Nigel Marchbank MRCP FRCR, Consultant Radiologist

Nigel Marchbank I specialise in Oncological Imaging and have been a BSUH College Tutor and Sussex Radiology TPD since October 2013.

I qualified from Guy’s Hospital in 1987, and underwent Radiology Training in London at St George’s Hospital with attachments at Royal Marsden Hospital and Royal Brompton Hospitals (1991-1997).

From 2003 to 2013 I was Medical Director of the Sussex Cancer Network, and helped write Government policy on Cancer in UK as a member of the Cancer Advisory Board (2008-2013). I chaired the National Medical Directors Group from 2008-2013 and had close working ties with both NICE and the NCIN.

I have travelled abroad extensively to gain first-hand experience of healthcare in other countries and have also advised foreign governments on cancer policy (Sweden and Mauritius).

In 2013 I was appointed as a Non-executive Director on the Board of London Cancer, the body responsible for oversight of cancer care for 6 million population.

I am passionate about training, and have set 3 challenges for Sussex Radiology to achieve by 2020.

  1. To increase numbers of Trainees from 13 to 28
  2. To be first Training scheme in UK to routinely offer an MSc to all trainees.
  3. To achieve Top Quartile performance in GMC surveys, to encourage the best Trainees to apply to train in Sussex.

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