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Welcome to the HEKSS School of Emergency Medicine.

When first established this school was initially responsible for only higher training (ST4 to ST6) in emergency medicine (EM).  In June 2014 we took over responsibility for core training (ST1 to ST3) as well. We are committed to providing a high quality of training in many acute trusts across Kent, Surrey and Sussex. We are also dedicated to improving recruitment to training posts by making the rotations more attractive and coherent.

Until 2014, the only route into emergency medicine training was through the Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) – which gives training in emergency medicine, acute medicine, Anaesthetics and intensive care medicine. This leads to further training in any of the parent specialties – although trainees have to declare their intended future specialty at recruitment. Since 2014 all trainees appointed to ACCS with intention to progress in emergency medicine are offered either a run-through programme in emergency medicine – without the need to undergo further recruitment – or just a core programme.

Since 2014, it is also possible to transfer to emergency medicine training under the DRE-EM (Defined Route of Entry into Emergency Medicine) programme. This is particularly applicable to trainees who have completed core surgical training or have extensive experience in any of the ACCS specialties.

In addition to trust-based teaching sessions, there are regular School-wide regional training days. Trainees are supervised by an educational supervisor and EM college tutor who meets regularly with the head of school, fellow tutors and trainee representatives to be updated on the latest developments in training to ensure that high quality training occurs in every trust.

We are changing the configuration of both core and higher elements of the emergency medicine training programme to make them more geographically coherent, more attractive and family-friendly. At present all higher training programmes rotate through the teaching hospital and major trauma center experience in Brighton. But we are negotiating a change that would allow some trainees in the future to get this experience at either King’s College or St George’s Hospital.

Emergency care has been identified as one of the 5 priority areas for HEKSS and has its own workforce development programme. It is also one of the priorities of Health Education England (HEE) who have appointed Fiona Barrett as Clinical Lead for Emergency Medicine in February 2016.

At present the whole emergency medicine curriculum can be and is delivered in trusts in the three counties (Kent, Surrey and Sussex).

We very much welcome feedback to ensure we continuously improve the experience we offer to current and future trainees. If you would like to give feedback; this can be done by commenting on any of the sites pages or news articles by using the e-mail link in the Contact Us page.

Amanda Wellesley – Emergency Medicine Consultant at WSHT
Head of School of HEKSS Emergency Medicine

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