Core Emergency Medicine Training


This is a truly exciting time to be enrolling into our training programme to become an Emergency Medicine Physician with our 6 year Emergency Medicine training programme, which aims to provide you with comprehensive exposure to all aspects of Emergency Medicine and currently offers excellent opportunities for Dual Accreditation in Intensive Care medicine, Paediatrics, Sports & Exercise Medicine, or even Pre-hospital care.


Where we provide Training

Since 2014, all trainees appointed to ACCS with intention to progress in emergency medicine are offered either a run-through programme in emergency medicine (without the need to undergo further recruitment) or just a core programme. The configuration of both core and higher elements of the emergency medicine training programme is being changed to make them more geographically coherent, more attractive and family-friendly. Our ACCS rotations start in either Kent, Sussex or Surrey, where ideally a trainee will be placed at the same hospital for the duration of the two years so they can training in Emergency Medicine (6 months) and Acute Medicine (6 months) in Year 1; and then Anaesthetics (6 months or 9 months) followed by Intensive care (6 months or 3 months) in Year 2. The higher rotations will be set in advance  and trainees will be asked to choose their preferences. It is hoped that trainees will be able to successfully complete their training in their chosen hospitals in one of the three HEKSS regions without having to relocate every year.

At present all higher training programmes rotate through the teaching hospital and major trauma centre experience in Brighton, but we are negotiating a change that would allow some trainees in the future to get this experience at either King’s College or St George’s Hospital in London.

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Structured Training

In addition to trust-based teaching sessions, there are regular HEKSS based regional training days (please see ACCS training days programme for 2015-16) which also includes an abundance of Simulation days to choose from.

Trainees are supervised by an Educational Supervisor and EM college tutor who meet regularly with the head of school, fellow tutors and trainee representatives to be updated on the latest developments in training, to ensure that high quality training is being provided and issues are addressed along with specific trainee needs. The Specialty Training Committee (STC), along with the HEKSS team, very actively supports our trainees and consultants in the use of novel teaching and assessment methods, including curriculum-mapped Regional Training Days. Furthermore, the school ensures that the trainee voice is at the heart of all its activities and plans, with very active trainee representatives in STC meetings ensuring everything we do is for the benefit of our trainees.

Other Opportunities

There is also ample opportunity to get involved in research/quality improvement projects along the training pathway. Out Of Programme (OOP) training is also encouraged, be it to join a team of expedition mountaineers to go trekking; or to provide medical help in ebola-stricken West Africa countries, which a few of our current trainees/staff have been fortunate to have been able to deliver.

We are committed to providing a high quality of training in many acute trusts across the HEKSS region; and we are also dedicated to improving recruitment to training posts by making the rotations more attractive  and coherent.

A Trainee’s View

I am a CT1 ACCS trainee in Emergency Medicine and  currently working in Brighton. I am on my first 6 month rotation which is Emergency Medicine. There is only one word to describe Brighton – busy. I see everything from minor injuries to resus patients. Although Brighton is a tertiary centre for many specialties, it still has the intimate team feeling that you normally associate with a smaller hospital. I am lucky enough to be working in a major trauma centre where I have had the opportunity to participate and even lead trauma cases. The ACCS course is pretty well structured with rotations in the other acute specialties to look forward to and there is a demanding list of work based assessments to get through. Although a good motivator for getting things done, sometimes the push to see patients and get the training in as well is relentless and all you want to do after a hard day’s work is to sink into a sofa rather than study for the MRCEM. That being said I think Emergency Medicine is the best specialty for the restless adventurous type and speaking to everyone around me someone has done something slightly different with their career. I plan to incorporate my interest in sports and expedition into my career and I think Emergency Medicine is one of the most flexible specialties to do so.

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Meet the Training Programme Director

Dr Nandita K Parmar  BSc MBBS MRCS PGDip FRCEM
N Parmar

I am Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust  and have been Training Programme Director for ACCS Emergency Medicine at HEKSS since Jan 2015, working alongside LETB and colleagues across Kent, Surrey and Sussex to deliver an excellent  ACCS training program.

I graduated from St George’s Hospital Medical School and trained in the Southwest  London deanery,  obtaining  my CCST in Emergency Medicine in 2012, having done an Intercalated BSc at Medical School and a Post graduate Diploma in Trauma Surgery in 2010. At work, I am also ACCS Trust Lead and  instruct on ATLS and Simulation courses in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. In my spare time, I work with the Metropolitan Police as a Forensic Medical Examiner and am  a college examiner for FRCEM examinations.

Emergency Medicine is such a fun and exciting specialty which is evolving all the time towards bettering patient care and it is a privilege to be involved in doctors ‘s training to help them achieve their full potential in this wonderful specialty. I look forward to the continued development of the HEKSS ACCS program into the coming years.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any queries or further details (

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