Intensive Care Medicine

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The recent publication of guidelines for the Provision of Intensive Care Services will ensure that there continues to be a strong market for fully trained intensive care consultants. Although a relatively new specialty the ICM training programme is well structured and robust. The ICM tutors in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex region are enthusiastic and approachable – fully acknowledging that they are training their own future colleagues.

The Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) training programme is available either as a CCT in ICM alone, or as a Dual CCT with any of anaesthesia, acute medicine, respiratory medicine, renal medicine or emergency medicine.

All trainees who have completed core training in medicine, or anaesthetics or ACCS are eligible to apply and appointment is through a national recruitment process. If intending to train towards the Dual CCT, trainees must be appointed to each specialty training programme (e.g ICM & Anaesthesia) independently in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex region. Further details of the process are available here

Because trainees enter the HEE ICM training programme at various stages of their careers and with different levels of experience in various specialties it is not possible to have pre-determined training programmes. Instead a training programme is carefully tailored to the educational needs of each individual trainee. Wherever possible, personal and social circumstances are taken into account when planning the rotations.

The following NHS trusts provide ICM training in the region.

ICM Trusts and training

T&H Orange

Paediatric ICM experience is provided in a London Teaching Hospital

Trainees working towards a Dual CCT will have their training in each specialty tailored by the respective training programme directors to ensure that the curricular requirements of each specialty are met. Full details of the curricula can be found here

Trainee involvement

Trainees have a strong voice at the specialty training committee and at the local faculty group in each hospital. Trainees from any of the partner specialties are all treated equally and fairly at all stages of their training. Currently in the ICM programme we have trainees who are training in ICM alone, and training jointly in ICM with renal, acute and respiratory medicine, emergency medicine and anaesthesia.

Training days

Trainees are strongly encouraged to attend the National ICM training days in London which are tailored to the ICM curriculum and provide an excellent opportunity to network with ICM trainees from around the country. In addition training days are provided in the KSS region which are organised by trainees as part of their personal and professional development.

Special interests

Opportunity exists to develop special interests including critical care echocardiography, teaching and high fidelity simulation.

Out of programme experience

We are very supportive of trainees who wish to undertake some of their training overseas or in specialised units within the United Kingdom – subject to all necessary approvals

Training Programme Director

Dr Deb Pandit,  Consultant Intensivist appointed 1st October 2016

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