Teaching and Learning

Regional Training Days

As a trainee you will be expected to attend a set number of regional training days throughout the training year in addition to local teaching at your trust. It is mandatory to attend the training days that you are offered, but each school will have a minimum number of events you are expected to attend in order to achieve a successful outcome at your ACRP. Your attendance or non-attendance at each event will be recorded throughout the year and made available to the ARCP panel.

Please note: Strike days (or any other day which you have sent valid apologies for, as listed below) will be removed from the figures when calculating your percentage attendance for the year.

Regional training days should be booked following the guidelines on your specialty’s Teaching & Learning page. To access these, select your specialty from the tabs in the sidebar to the left.


Book your study leave with the Medical Education Team at your Trust according to their notice period, usually a minimum of six weeks.   If you are unable to attend, you must give your school a valid reason for non-attendance. This may include: –

  • Your trust cannot release you from service (if this recurs, please contact your school )
  • Pre-booked leave (although you shouldn’t make a habit of this)
  • Illness/bereavement/special leave
  • Exams
  • On nights


For information regarding training days please visit your schools page on Synapse: https://secure.synapse.nhs.uk/


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