Renal Medicine

The HEKSS training programme in Renal Medicine is a 5 year programme leading to dual accreditation in Renal Medicine and in General Internal Medicine (GIM). Training in HEKSS gives you the opportunity to train in tertiary specialty units as well as DGHs providing the full range of specialty and general medical practice and education. Units that have proven to be effective, supportive and popular with trainees. The programme will support you attaining all the curricular requirements including the SCE. Trainees who complete the programme will be qualified to apply competitively for posts in renal medicine, with or without a GIM component, anywhere in the UK (and other countries where UK qualifications are accepted): the training programme covers all areas of the curriculum including:

  • Home dialysis therapies
  • Rare diseases
  • Adolescent transition
  • Non-renal hypertension
  • Donor work up (including altruistic)

Training days

Renal training days are provided in conjunction with the South London training programme; Wessex trainees also attend. There are 6 training days per year, covering the curriculum in a rolling three year cycle. The two HEKSS units and four South London units each host one day per year. They are timed so as not to clash with major national (RA, BRS, BTS, BHS) and international specialty meetings: trainees are encouraged to attend these. Trainees are encouraged to join the Renal Association and also the Renal SpR Club

GIM training days are managed by HEKSS on a separate programme link

How training is provided

The requirement for gaining CCTs in renal and internal medicine includes a time component which for dual accreditation is a minimum of 3 years in renal medicine and 2 years in GIM. In common with some other programmes HEKSS provide GIM and Renal training in separate blocks

Where training is provided

At present the Sussex based and Kent based rotations are separate, reflecting a range of factors, not least the geographical convenience for trainees. Currently trainees are not based in Surrey as there is no renal centre there (renal services are provided on an in-reach basis by units in adjacent areas).

Neither of the HEKSS renal units undertakes the surgical phase of transplantation and trainees rotate to one of the two South London Transplant Centres. This is currently provided by a six month placement in St George’s Hospital for Sussex based trainees; or a twelve month placement at Guy’s Hospital for Kent based trainees.

In these placements you will satisfy the curricular requirements for “acute transplantation” and also train in other aspects of nephrology too. Conversely the Kent and Sussex based renal units are responsible for recipient and donor work up and for long term management of transplanted patients.

Although the expectation for Kent trainees is that their acute transplant experience will be at Guy’s Hospital, the London Training Programme Director does have the right to place trainees in other sites.

Sussex rotation

The locations and durations given are confirmed although the sequence may vary and hence the years of attachment are indicative not absolute.

Renal Sussex rotations

(*RSCH is the base hospital but the renal service provides outreach clinics in hospitals throughout Sussex)

(** currently this phase has been provided at RSCH but the Trust also operates from the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath and developments including clinical reconfiguration may lead to some of rotation being placed there)

For further information about working in Brighton please click here.

Kent rotation

The locations and durations given are largely confirmed although the programme is still expanding and the GIM locations may by subject to revision. The sequence may vary and hence the years of attachment are indicative not absolute

Renal Surrey rotations

(* K&C is the base hospital but the renal service provides outreach clinics in hospitals throughout Kent)

T&H Orange

Training pathway, expectations at different stages of training

For more information on training pathways please click here

Other Opportunities

We support OOP within the guidance of the JRCPTB, Gold Guide etc. Thus OOP would not normally be granted within the last year of training, or prior to commencing ST3. Exit into and return from OOP will normally only take place at the end of March or September. The Dean and TPD may limit the numbers of trainees OOP at any one time. OOP opportunities are developing in HEKSS and with BSMS although a number of trainees have taken up OOP posts in other areas including with national bodies such as the RCP. We encourage trainees to use OOP to develop areas of non-clinical practice (education, management etc) as well as more traditional laboratory or clinical research. All training sites offer the full range of opportunities for audit, QIP, self directed learning etc

Meet the Training Programme Director

Dr Clare Castledine FRCP PhD, Nephrologist Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals

I qualified from Sheffield and trained in North Thames and have been working as a consultant nephrologist since 2014.

I became the TPD in 2017 and am also both a clinical and educational supervisor.

The other half of my week is working with the Medical School as a senior lecturer leading on assessment throughout the undergraduate course.

My clinical practice involves transplantation, general nephrology and the biopsy service. The Sussex Kidney Unit provides all aspects of adult and adolescent renal care except “acute transplantation”.

I have an interest in variations in delivered care and lead for KQIP regionally as well as undertaking research in this area.

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