Training Programme

The HEKSS training programme in Obstetrics & Gynaecology is a 7 year programme starting at ST1 after completing Foundation training.

Kent, Surrey & Sussex provides a wide variety of specialty experience in the friendly and supportive units within the region. While most of the sub-specialty areas in O&G are covered within HEKSS, there are also several London teaching hospital posts as part of the rotation programme which our trainees may choose during their training to gain exposure to different sub-specialty clinics and clinical research.

By combining experience in HEKSS trusts along with teaching hospital posts you can gain the experience and skills to become a well-rounded and confident clinician – there are many fantastic training opportunities within the region. Within your DGH placements you will be involved in a full complement of general obstetrics and gynaecology practice including:

  • Antenatal care
  • Scanning
  • Labour ward
  • General gynaecology clinics
  • Emergency gynaecology including early pregnancy clinics
  • In-patient, day case and ambulatory surgery

Many hospitals within KSS also provide expertise in sub-specialist areas and over the course of the programme you will have access to more specialized services including:

  • Specialist obstetric clinics
    • Maternal medicine in joint clinics with physicians (eg diabetes, endocrine, renal)
    • Fetal medicine
    • Multiple pregnancy
  • Specialist gynaecology clinics
    • Sub-fertility
    • Urogynaecology
    • Oncology
    • Colposcopy
    • Recurrent miscarriage

Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust (including the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton and the Princess Royal Hospital in Hayward’s Heath) provides the clinical training for medical students training at Brighton & Sussex Medical School so there are abundant opportunities to get involved in both informal and formal teaching.

 Structured Training

The ST1 and ST2 training programme is run by HEKSS and consists of 13 training days delivered in the hospitals within the region.   This programme aims to cover aspects of the curriculum which are not easily delivered within your units.  You will have simulation training in both Obstetrics and Gynaecology. These training days give you the opportunity to meet with your contemporaries, view units within the region and feedback on your experiences.   Your feedback has allowed us to continue to develop these days to meet your expectations.

For more information on training days please follow this link

In addition we have introduced the ROBuST course to give you practical experience in operative deliveries and the STEP course to prepare you for your transition to be first on call.   All ST2 trainees will have the opportunity to attend both of these courses.

During your training you will need to complete the MRCOG. We run a one day course to support the MRCOG part 1 and are introducing a course to support the MRCOG part 2 and part 3.

HEKSS trainees join the South London trainees for a bi-monthly training day. The training programme is designed to cover all aspects of the curriculum and to ensure that you will acquire the specialist knowledge needed to acquire your CCT as well as gaining insight into research opportunities.

 Where We Provide Training

Our posts are distributed throughout KSS with several posts available in London teaching hospitals.

Trainees usually move posts every year and the post allocations, while predominantly based on training need, include preference lists which are submitted every year by the trainees at the annual interim review. As a result many trainees prefer to complete their training in a contained geographical area rather than across the whole of KSS. There are no fixed training rotations as these are tailored to trainee need and preference as their programme progresses.

Training Pathway

To understand how the training pathway for Obstetrics & Gynaecology is structured please follow this link.

Out of Programme (OOP)

There are limitless opportunities for out-of-programme experience, either for research or for additional clinical experience. These can be for a year (or occasionally two), but require careful forward planning and need to fit in with the service needs of the region. For further information on OOP click here:

The deadline for submitting OOP applications for October 2019 start is 31 March 2019.

OOP Score Sheet

STC Members List

STC Members

Please see below for the OOP Panel’s scoring sheet. The panel will use the scoring sheet when making a decision on your OOP application.

OOPE Score sheet

Local Ultrasound Co-ordinators HEKSS

Local Ultrasound Co-ordinators HEKSS

Key Dates for 2018

Event Dates Information
National Recruitment Week commencing 5th February 2018 For further information please visit LaSE recruitment pages
March ARCP and STC Tuesday 5th March 2019 Morning – ARCP

Afternoon – STC – 14:30-16:00

Interim Review Friday 14th June 2019  
STC meeting Wednesday 20th June 2019  14:30-16:00
ARCPs Wednesday 11th September 2019  
Interim reviews and STC Wednesday 13th November 2019  

KSS O&G College Tutors

Please see attached below for list of College Tutors:

KSS O&G College Tutors

KSS Trainee Representatives

Please see attached document below for the contact details of Trainee Representatives at the different grades in KSS


Return To Training (RTT)

Dear all,

I just wanted to introduce myself as the new TPD for return to work and regional training days. I am a consultant at Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath and trained mostly in KSS and partly in London (also taking time off for babies, OOPE and OOPT).

For the regional training days I am taking over from Miss Crocker and hope to continue the great work that she did. If you have any ideas/ suggestions for training days please get in touch!

The return to work role is a new role and I hope to put in place a package to support all of those returning to training from sick leave, maternity, OOPE/OOPR etc. You will hear more about this in the coming weeks/months and I will meet those due to return to work at upcoming ARCPs. Feel free to get in touch with questions/ queries and suggestions.

The return to work toolkit can be viewed on the RCOG website  (

I can be contacted by email ( or via the deanery.

Look forward to meeting you all in person and please get in touch if I can help with anything.



KSS O&G Handbook

Please see link below for KSS O&G handbook

O&G Handbook

 T&H Orange

Head Of School

Melanie Tipples MBBS MRCOG FRCSed
Consultant Gynaecologist at St Richards Hospital Chichester

MelanieI have been a consultant Gyanecologist at St Richards Hospital since 2007. Since appointment I have been involved in education and was appointed as the College Tutor in 2008 and Training Programme Director for HEKSS in 2009. During this time with the support of the Workforce team, Head of school and Training programme Director for Higher trainees I have delivered a rolling training programme covering key topics through all the units within HEKSS.   Alongside of this role I have supported the Medical training initiative run through the RCOG bringing trainees into the United Kingdom to train and gain qualifications with the aim of sending them home better placed to improve healthcare in their country of origin.

At St Richard’s Hospital I am the Cancer Unit lead and Colposcopy lead as well as Lead for Gynaecology Ultrasound.   Outside of work my husband and I enjoy a busy family life with our four children and my dog, Bella a Hungarian Vizla.

I believe that the training programme is the trainees’ programme and they need to be actively involved in its development and delivery.

Meet the Training Programme Directors

Padma Vankayalapati, MBBS, MRCOG

I am Consultant at Medway NHS Foundation Trust . My special interest are Maternal Medicine and Fetal Medicine . I am also college tutor for Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Medway.

I  have been training programme director for ST3 -5  for   Obstetrics & Gyanecology trainees in KSS  since November 2016. This has been the period when KSS separated from London with its own team to manage all KSS trainees.   We have been constantly working with the team to be  efficient and user friendly regarding administrative tasks.

I am easily  approachable to trainees  and  provide  guidance and support  regarding various issues related to training. I have an overarching responsibility for Interim reviews and ARCP .

I strive to support  trainees during their training time with us in KSS ultimately to help them achieve their ambitions and goals for their career  and excel in their profession.

Miss Alison Crocker MA MRCOG
Consultant in O+G and College Tutor, 
St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester

arcI qualified from Oxford in 1998 and after training jobs in Nottingham, Sheffield and London I was appointed consultant in Chichester in 2012, where I am college tutor now. I have been interested in medical education since a mentor advised me at ST4 level to do a postgraduate certificate in medical education which was professionally life-changing. My main clinical interest is in high risk intrapartum obstetrics and this fits very well alongside my love of teaching and education. Development of a committed, competent workforce is absolutely vital to the future of the fantastic institution of the NHS that we are so proud of, and there is nothing quite so professionally satisfying to me as seeing my trainees grow and develop in their careers.

I love the buzz of the labour ward and the fact that no two days are the same – but I also enjoy my home life outside work and this means that being a resident on call consultant was an active career choice for me since it lends itself well to being able to maintain a work-life balance. I am a keen amateur gardener and with my lovely husband am also a keen parent to 2 gorgeous children. To give the full impression of ‘roundedness’ I’d like to be able to say that I do something sporty outside work too but there just isn’t time!

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in East Kent

I graduated from Kings College London, and have been a consultant at QEQM since 2009. I have a general job with special interests in minimal access surgery and office gynaecology. I am the trust lead for the early pregnancy service and acute gynaecology.

I have been college tutor at QEQM since 2015 and TPD for the ST1-2’s since 2016. I am very keen to nurture a contented and well rounded group of junior doctors. I try to promote a balance between training and service requirements but also between life inside and outside the hospital.
I have a busy time outside of work with my teenage children and 2 dogs. I also participate in middle and long distance triathlons.
I would always welcome any trainee to contact me with anything that they think I might be able to assist with.

Zoe has taken up the role of ePortfolio champion.

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