Teaching and Learning

As a trainee you will be expected to attend a set number of regional training days throughout the training year in addition to local teaching at your trust.   Each school will have a minimum number of events you are expected to attend in order to achieve a successful outcome at your ACRP.

Regional training days should be booked via your school.   To attend a regional training day, you should book study leave with your trust according to their notice period, usually a minimum of six weeks.   If you are unable to attend, you must give your school a valid reason for non-attendance. This may include:

  • Your Trust cannot release you from service (if this recurs, please contact your school)
  • Pre booked leave (although you shouldn’t make a habit of this)
  • Illness/bereavement/special leave
  • Exams
  • On call (days/nights)

Your attendance or non-attendance at each event will be noted and made available to the ARCP panel. The reasons above will be taken into account by the panel, providing they are valid.

Note – trainees must book their place before attending. Trainees who do not book a place may be turned away due to capacity. Trainees who have booked to attend and can no longer attend, should aim to give their school at least 48 hours’ notice; so that another trainee can attend in your place.Trainees who do not attend and fail to give a valid reason beforehand will be reported to their training programme directors

For information regarding training days please visit your schools page on Synapse: https://secure.synapse.nhs.uk/

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