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The Psychiatry School  organises an annual induction and training day, to provide newly recruited doctors with  the tools to assist their progress through training in psychiatry. The event has a strong input from current doctors in KSS training,   and gives all our new doctors a chance to network with each other and their trainee representatives.

It has been held at the Royal College of Psychiatrists  in August each year, attended by the School of Psychiatry SWT, Dr Alastair Forrest (Head of School), the Training Programme Directors, and Medical Education Managers.



The KSS MRCPsych Courses for all doctors in Year 1 and Year 2 of Core Psychiatry training are mainly run at the Education Centre in Hove. The courses run in three academic terms yearly, as a mixture of attended and distance learning days.

The Year 1 Course is run by Brighton and Sussex Medical School, led by Dr Richard Whale, Senior Lecturer.

The three Mental Health Sciences modules allow enrolment in a Postgraduate Certificate in Mental Health Sciences, with HEE KSS providing the academic funding.

The Year 2 Clinical Sciences Course  is hosted by Sussex Partnership NHS trust, with Dr Katherine Hill as clinical lead. As well as the days at Hove Medical Education Centre, two days are held in Kent and Medway Trust, and one in Surrey and Borders Partnership”.

In addition to the two clinical modules, HEE KSS separately funds a Research Methods module.


Calman Training Days

The Calman Training days are specifically aimed at HST’s and are educational days organised by the trainees themselves on topics of interest and importance to their training.

These are held on a quarterly basis, rotating respectively between Kent, Sussex & Surrey. The local HST representative normally takes the lead in organising this event with the support of other trainees. The day is funded by the HEKSS Deanery.

(The name Calman has stuck after the 1993 reorganisation and shortening of medical specialty training by Sir Kenneth Calman. Formal teaching sessions for Higher trainees were part of giving a structure to training, along with curriculum setting and the system of annual assessments of competence.)

Study Leave

Please find below some information on study leave guidance:

  • Entitled  up to a maximum of 30 days in a year (which is calculated from the date of commencement of appointment or rotation)
  • Leave to sit necessary examinations is allowable but does not count against study leave

Using study leave:

  • Approval rests with the DME.
  • Applications should be received on the appropriate form at least 6 weeks prior to the leave
  • Leave should not be taken within the first two weeks of a new appointment
  • Trainees must have an agreed personal development plan and have completed Trust mandatory training before applying for Study Leave

For Core Psychiatry Doctors, it is recognised that the cost of even the essential courses mentioned below may exceed study leave budgets available.

For information regarding training days please visit your schools page on Synapse: https://secure.synapse.nhs.uk/

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