Training Programmes


Our fifty-seven Core Psychiatry posts form three separate training schemes.

Each scheme is based in one county and one mental health trust, providing a full range of core and specialised placements. Two academic clinical fellowship (ACF) posts are based in Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

Two Training Programme Directors lead our Core Psychiatry programme, Dr Phil Hall and Dr Vijay Delaffon.  More at Core Psychiatry Training Programme


Training in six posts is centred in Kent and Sussex (with a specialised placement in Broadmoor Hospital). Dr Shade Olajubu is the Training Programme Director.  More at forensic psychiatry 


These programmes are region-wide, led by the TPDs, Dr Tonye Ajiteru (for Older Adult and Dual training) based in Kent, and Dr Jeremy Mudunkotuwe working in Surrey. Thirty-five posts, with an excess of approved placements over funded posts, and a wide range of clinical experiences, allow flexible use between the GA and OA specialties, and individually-planned three-year programmes.

More at General Adult, Old Age and Dual General Adult/Old Age Psychiatry Training Programmes


The KSS programme delivers the C and A curriculum through six posts, with a choice from nine clinical placements covering a wide range of experience, including in-patient and acute Day Hospital care. The spread of placements in the region-wide programme allows a doctor to access all but also to complete training within a more circumscribed area.

The academic programme comes through partnership with the St George’s C and A Programme in SW London. Doctors in the Programme can apply for bursary support to pursue higher qualifications.

More at: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Programme

For more, contact the TPD, Dr Lucy Allsopp, at


The Dual CCTs are delivered in Surrey. The five-year post was appointed-to in August 2018. The CCTs may be completed sequentially, or in an integrated Programme. In the latter, Year 1-3 are in the SW Surrey and NE Hants Psychotherapy Service, in Farnham Road Hospital Guildford.

Year 4 General Adult Psychiatry experience is in Epsom, Ewell and Banstead Community Team, with in-patient experience in Mulberry Ward, Farnham Road Hospital, with a final year in the Eating Disorder Day Unit service, Farnham Road Hospital. Development of psychotherapy expertise continues throughout the Dual training, so that the two specialties complement each other throughout.

Academic links are with the St Georges Psychotherapy Programme, and the KSS Higher training Calman Days. Doctors in the Programme can apply for bursary support to pursue higher qualifications.

For further information on the Dual Programme, contact Dr Sean Fernandez, Training Programme Director at


The three mental health NHS trusts in Kent, Surrey and Sussex deliver the clinical experience and local academic training.

They provide psychiatric care across our widely dispersed region with a diverse population, in local centres, and in cooperation with local acute trusts and other care providers.

There are continuing opportunities for doctors in training to engage in service development and improvement, and to develop quality improvement and leadership skills.

Links to the Mental Health Trusts offering our training Programmes:



Go to Training Support in the Trust for information on the range of people responsible for supporting doctors in training.

Family-friendly training: Doctors are usually able to remain centred in a particular part of the region during training, and we support Less Than Full-Time Training by flexible interpretation of slot-sharing.

On joining the Psychiatry programmes, doctors immediately register with the College. The College holds predicted Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) dates, and gives more information at:

The Royal College of Psychiatrists also provides personal trainee reflections, and more on the background, on the three year  core training programme (CT1-CT3) and the three years in a higher training programme (ST4-ST6).

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