SAS Doctors in HEE KSS

In 2008 the Department of Health announced new funding to provide career support for SAS doctors including opportunities for top-up training following Article 14 assessment. In April 2008, “NHS Employers published “Employing and Supporting Specialty Doctors: A guide to good practice

Some of the important recommendations from an educational development perspective included:

  1. Employers should use the professional development framework for specialty doctors.
  2. All specialty doctors should undergo an effective appraisal that:
  3. Ensures a specialty doctor is trained in being an appraisee,
  4. Results in a personal development plan with clear achievable objectives,
  5. Identifies the appropriate professional developments and study leave to support the maintenance of and development skills in a planned way identified through the appraisal process,
  6. Is supported by a portfolio of evidence.
  7. Employers should support specialty doctors in any efforts to meet the requirements of Article 14 applicants to the General Medical Council by supporting progressive development in the post and gathering necessary evidence, particularly when this fits with local workforce planning requirements.
  8. Employers will need to work closely with LETBs to ensure that any allocated funding is used effectively to create the structures and processes necessary to support the development of specialty doctors.

What is HEE KSS doing?

Bids for Funding

In May 2008, KSS (as part of the NHS South East Coast), asked all trusts and PCTs to bid for new funding to support SAS doctors and possible uses would include:

  • Undertaking a careful needs assessment of CPD of all SAS or other trust grade doctors, in particular, if any wish to re-enter specialty training,
  • Providing funding for the educational governance arrangements for SAS doctors,
  • Agreeing to fund specific developmental needs which may often have been present for some years including backfill costs,
  • Setting up the enhanced study leave budget for SAS doctors.

At the end of the financial year in March 2009, every trust produced a summary report of how the funds had been allocated.  The feedback from that process has been summarised in a short document available in the downloads section on this page.

Further, bids have been invited in subsequent years; the most recent bids allocated to trusts were in April 2015.

For further information see our developmental funding guidance.

SAS Tutors

Full details regarding the SAS tutors within HEKSS including the job description and HEKSS SAS tutor contact details are available via SAS tutor information.

HEKSS will fund SAS tutor development days. Full details can be accessed via the ‘events’ pages.


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