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As Head of HEKSS School of Surgery, I am proud to welcome you to our surgical programme. The school of surgery was founded in 2007 to support core surgical trainees. In addition we have taken on higher surgical training in the specialties of trauma and orthopaedics, general surgery, oral maxillofacial surgery, ear nose & throat surgery and urology. Surgery still remains one of the most competitive specialties to enter and I am particularly proud that KSS has run and managed core surgical national recruitment for the last seven years. We aspire that our core trainees remain in the locality and progress on to higher surgical training within Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Currently we have 84 core surgical trainees working in the CT1 and CT2 years and over 200 higher specialties trainees in surgery. Our trainees benefit from a highly dedicated team of trainers and support officers who manage and look after the trainees. I feel that the surgical trainees within HEKSS are highly committed to training and this is reflected by the very high standards of our training programme directors in core surgery and higher surgical training.

HEKSS School of Surgery continually develops our training programmes. These are particularly guided by the feedback and ideas generated by our trainees. The school of surgery is fully engaged with our trainees and all trainers listen to the “trainee voice”. Our trainees are passionate about continually improving our surgical training and the programme directors are constantly refining and striving for the best educational opportunities and practices. New developments over the past year guided by the “trainee voice” include:-

  • A shadow board in core training and in higher general surgical training. This equips the trainees to talk amongst themselves and provide anonymised feedback to the school board.
  • The annual prize day in core surgery allows trainees to present to their peers either by posters or oral presentations. There is a prize for the best presentations and it allows the trainees to expand their portfolio and CV for ST3 applications.
  • We have an annual education fellow post which is appointed in conjunction with the Royal College of Surgeons. The current trainee is looking into simulation and the benefit of it in the work place.
  • We have additional funding to improve teaching days.
  • Core trainees have a dedicated leadership day with action learning sets. This innovative programme has been highly successful and equips the trainees for leadership moments during their training.
  • We have increased FRCS teaching across the region.

Undoubtedly the busy trusts in the HEKSS region provide an abundant amount of surgical material for education and training. I believe the life of a surgeon is unquestionably one of the most stimulating careers in medicine involving work in outpatients, Theatres and often in specialised areas within the hospital too. We are also practicing in trusts on a background of multi professional team working in addition to the challenges presented by a demographically ageing population. KSS trainees also strive to meet the high expectations of patients. Achieving patient expectations is made easier through the revision and collaboration between trainees and trainers in our training programme.

I am the Head of School of Surgery and an Associate Dean for HEKSS. I am also a Consultant Colorectal Surgeon at Ashford and St Peter’s NHS Trust and was appointed in 1996.

I qualified from Charing Cross Medical School, when it was a medical school and trained as an SHO and anatomy demonstrator at Charing Cross before moving to Midhurst and St Richards where I was a junior registrar.  I completed a 2 year Mastership of Surgery (University of London, 1991) on an investigation of the role of white blood cells in the aetiology of venous ulceration.

Following this, I worked as a registrar for 15 months at St Charles Hospital, on a 1:2 rota before being appointed to the St. Mary’s North West London Senior Registrar Rotation.

As a consultant I undertook an M.A. in Clinical Education, (Brighton) 2009 and have subsequently been awarded Fellowships of the Academy of Medical Educators in 2010 and the Faculty of Surgical Educators (RCS Ed) in 2013. I was Silver Scalpel winner 2012 as Trainer of the Year awarded by ASiT, and I chaired the Confederation of Postgraduate Schools of Surgery 2012-2014.

I am a member of the Royal Society of Medicine and have been a Council Member, Section of Coloproctology (2004 – 2012) and was Secretary in 2009.   I am also a member of the Association of Coloproctology and Member of the Education Committee.

I am an examiner for the FRCS.

Humphrey Scott
Head of School of Surgery and an Associate Dean for HEKSS Teaching & Learning 1Contact Us 1