SuppoRTT – Supported Return to Training

Welcome to the SuppoRTT page for HEE KSS

SRTT is a great new offer to support all trainees who are returning after time out of programme. This might include taking a year out to pursue other academic interests; maternity or parental leave and sick leave. It is available to all trainees taking more than three months of leave (but that is not a hard line – if you, or your ES/TPD feel that even though your time off is less, and you would benefit from more support to enable you to return to work well then you may be eligible).

SRTT aims to ensure that whilst off you don’t feel forgotten about and that if you want to access resources that help you feel connected or for your development then you can do so. To be there so, when you are ready to return, this is managed by your employer and education team with you so that it is a safe and supported return to work.  You may feel you have knowledge gaps or have forgotten some skills that you need on return to work and you can use SRTT to access courses to help with this. 

Please see the “SRTT for GP trainees” document for more information.

srtt letter to trainees

Upcoming SRTT Courses – 2020

Please use the links below to book a place on our upcoming courses.

What is SRTT – still not sure?

And the SRTT office has a good website here:

This link explains how to apply for funding:

You might be thinking about going part time on your return:

You might have had a life event and feel a bit out at sea, feeling a bit lost about your future or just wanting to reflect on where you are now and where you want to be: you can access coaching via the PSU to help with this